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VocaCX is a rapidly growing outsourcing/offshoring service provider dedicated to providing exceptional support to high growth companies across various industries. We provide an array of services centered around customer engagement , product fulfillment and operational efficiency/savings. With our head-office in Wyoming USA, our global model allows us to operate centrally from hubs in Jamaica, whilst incorporating talent in the Philippines and other countries within the Americas including Mexico, Honduras, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We only hire and train the best! Our dedication to our clients and ambition to become a global leader within the BPO space, drivers our recruitment and staffing practices, as we ensure our clients have seasoned and motivated agents to service their customers.

Our Successful Outsourcing Partnerships:

Our Vision

VocaCX is striving to become a leader in Outsourcing solutions, satisfying 100% of our clients through an adaptive business model.

By 2025 we aim to grow our business to 25x through the following innovative strategies:

Reliable 24x7 services

Our team is committed to keeping our doors open for our clients.

Fastest Process

We aim to staff our clients projects within 5 business days or less.

Real Time Analysis

As data experts, we will fine tune our processes for continuous improvement of our internal Operations, ensuring KPI achievement.

Our Core Values

Our business is empathetic customer service. It’s everything we do. All that we are—trustworthy, responsive, reliable and empathetic. Our values extend beyond our business and into our community and our world.

Trust Worthy

In Business, Customers are everything. Maintaining a trusted brand will not just retain existing customers but create new ones.


Optimize your Operations! Your business runs in seasons and cycles. Adapt to trends while taking on the competition.


Elevate Your Performance! Exceptional customer service is a must these days. When it is outsourced, that service must be exemplary!


We prioritize the perspective of our clients and their customers. Empathy and compassion are what drivers us a company.

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